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Radium, Radforsk's own podcast, is dedicated to publicising insights and information about our portfolio companies and general developments in cancer research. Through the podcast we share information about the different projects and companies we invest in, and give listeners a deeper understanding of the scientific and technological advances being made by these companies.

The podcast serves as a source of information for both those with a general interest and for specialist investors. Through interviews with leading figures and researchers in our portfolio companies and the milieu in general, Radium sheds light on the latest developments, the challenges and successes in cancer research. This includes discussions about new research results, clinical trials and how the companies work on developing new cancer therapies.

Radium tries to present this information in an accessible and understandable way, to make it relevant for a broad audience.

We have made around 300 episodes of the podcast so far, and try to make one episode a week.

The podcast is presented by Elisabeth Kirkeng Andersen and Jónas Einarsson.

Every year, we take the podcast to the week-long political event calledArendalsuka, where we record the debates and meetings we host. We also collaborate with the bank DNB's podcast called Utbytte (Dividend) on an annual joint podcast in connection with DNB's Nordic health conference in December.

You will find episodes of Radium on iTunes, Soundcloud, Acast, Spotify.

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Radforsk takes part in the educational collaboration between Oslo Cancer Cluster and Ullern Upper Secondary School, and it hires students taking the Media and Communication programme at Ullern Upper Secondary School to help with production. Read more about the collaboration here.

Oslo Cancer Cluster and Ullern Upper Secondary School

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Input on the theme and guests, as well as questions, can be sent to

Elisabeth Kirkeng Andersen

Communications Manager and host for the Radium podcast